Notes on Testing & Optimizing Your Productivity

Maximizing Efficiency: Strategies for Testing and Optimizing Your ProductivityAre you feeling overwhelmed and unproductive? Do you want to assess your work habits to maximize your productivity? Productivity is essential for achieving and maintaining success. Knowing...

A Deep Look Into a Template for SMART Goals With an Example for SMART Goals

Using a template with examples for SMART goals and how to make it work for you, especially for long-term goalsIn order to create and track successful goals, it’s helpful to use a model to remind yourself of the key components.  Setting goals, especially a long-term...

How Using a Template for a Task List Can Help You Accomplish Your Goals

A template for a task list is a great way to see success with your goalsIf you really think about long-term goals that are worth pursuing, you come to the realization that these long-term goals are complicated. When you break them down, usually they have a lot of...

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Create Your Own Success with a Daily To-Do List

Create Your Own Success with a Daily To-Do List

When it seems like you’re spinning tires and moving nowhere fast, creating a template for a daily schedule is a beautifully simplistic method to help you gain traction. There are only so many hours each day so here’s how to make them work for you!

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Keys Things to Realize About Setting a SMART Goal

Keys Things to Realize About Setting a SMART Goal

Here’s what you should consider when setting a SMART goal. Imagine yourself constantly on autopilot, aimless while performing all of your tasks and activities, without aspiration or direction.  Not so much controlled by any specific force but let loose to follow a map...

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