Use the 5-Minute Starter Rule to Stop Procrastinating


The 5-Minute Starter Rule is a great tactic to help you overcome procrastination

It’s not the first thing on your mind when it comes to productivity, but there’s a kind of self-sabotaging habit that can really stand in the way of accomplishing any goal: procrastination.

At first, it might seem like a minor offense, but if you allow it to run free, then it can really impact everything involved with pursuing your goals including aspects of your life such as health.

Every time you procrastinate, you are making your life more difficult. The more tasks you put off, the bigger the chance you’ll get overwhelmed and not be able to complete them successfully.

Why We Procrastinate

Many people believe that procrastination is unavoidable. However, there are reasons why people procrastinate. We all have different circumstances in our personal lives, and these circumstances can lead to different reasons for procrastinating.

There may be an urge to put off something because the task looks too tough or because it’s not very enjoyable. Sometimes, we procrastinate because we want to avoid doing something like hard work or taking on a new responsibility.

We procrastinate for a variety of reasons, but it can generally be traced back to one thing – instant gratification. We often make the decision to put off certain tasks because they are not as enjoyable as doing something else right now. This is especially true with tasks that are more difficult.

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The human brain is wired to be impatient. We are always looking for instant gratification, which can explain why we procrastinate.

Our brains are programmed to have an “instant-gratification” button that drives us to do things that provide immediate, short-term rewards.

It seems like we all want instant gratification and it is what drives us to procrastinate.

We know we should be doing something and sometimes you’re aware of the consequences of not doing that task, but we just don’t do it because we want instant gratification. Not only does this happen when it comes to work, but also when people find themselves watching TV instead of exercising for instance.


Start with Spending 5 Minutes on a Task

Call this the 5-Minute Starter Rule. Start small by spending five minutes on a task. Doing this is a quick, small win. Especially if any task takes five minutes or less to do. That’s another quick win. 

For larger tasks, when you start, you help yourself by getting into a flow. It’s often said that when you just start a task, it becomes easier and in some cases, you might even find yourself getting in a flow. 

When you’re able to start focusing on a task, you enter a flow that enables you to continue the progress you start.

How to Get More Out of the 5-Minute Starter Rule

Break down your projects and tasks into smaller pieces. This will make things more manageable. You won’t get overwhelmed or feel pressured before completing your task. Couple this with the 5-Minute Starter Rule and you can make great progress towards your goals.

It helps reinforce the idea that you can accomplish anything in life by breaking down large projects into smaller ones. You’ll start feeling better about yourself and get more motivated after every little success.

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