Set SMART Goals to Achieve Your Dreams

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Setting SMART goals will help you accomplish your dreams and improve your quality of life

There are countless articles and books on goal setting, but what if the goals you set actually hindered your ability to achieve them? 

The most important aspect of achieving any goal is setting a clearly defined goal. 

However, if your goal is too vague or not specific enough, it’s easier to run into obstacles.

Setting SMART Goals is a great way to achieve your dreams.  

Achieving Your Dreams Starts with Setting the Right Goals

Goal setting is essential to achieving any goal, be it personal or professional. 

When you have a specific and achievable goal in mind, you’re more likely to work towards achieving it. 

In order to set the right goals, it’s important to understand what you want and why it matters to you. 

By writing down and setting SMART goals, you can easily track your progress and stay motivated.

Define your goals with this free worksheet!

Know exactly what you're aiming towards.

What Is a SMART Goal?

When you set a SMART goal, it should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound.

Specific: The goals must be specific enough so that you know what you need to do or what must be accomplished in order to reach them.

Measurable: The goals must be quantifiable or clear enough so that you know when you’ve reached your goal.

Achievable: The goal must be attainable and not extremely difficult that it might be impossible to accomplish.

Relevant: The goal should relate to what you want in your life and should not just be something that someone else wants for them.

Time-Bound: Goals need a date by which they are due in order to make them realistic and achievable.

When you set a SMART goal to meet all 5 of these criteria, it’ll end up with something strategic, focused, and actionable.

Why Are SMART Goals Important?

Goals that aren’t SMART are often more like wishes. They feel good to make and you love talking about them because of the emotions it brings.

Setting SMART goals is important because they give you a handle on achieving your dreams.

As Zig Ziglar, motivational teacher and trainer, once said , “A goal properly set is halfway reached.” When you set a SMART goal and put in the work, you’ll end up on the right path.

Take Action Now To Start Building the Foundation the Future You Want

Set your SMART goal and define what you want to achieve. You can start this by writing down what you want to become, or by defining a value that you want to have.

Once you set a SMART goal, create a plan of action. Set up a schedule for the time you’ll commit toward pursuing your SMART goal.

Find time in your day for your goals. If you have kids or a job, prioritize it! Some parents with exercise goals or side hustles put in the work early in the morning before they take their kids to school. That’s the only time they have available to do that.

Take action and track your progress. Make sure your goals are aligned with your personal values and what you want to achieve. 

Reward yourself for reaching your goals! This will help you stay motivated.

Create an Action Plan for Your Goals

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